October is National Safe Work Month, a time to emphasise the significance of safety in all workplaces. The health and safety of Australian workplaces remains a top priority for employers.


Safe Work Australia is again encouraging workplaces to take part and commit to prioritising health and safety at work during National Safe Work Month – a chance to encourage awareness of health and safety in the workplace.


The theme for National Safe Work Month this year is think safe. work safe. be safe.


  • Think safe— prioritising preventing injuries by considering work health and safety, planning, improving and maintaining a safe workplace.


  • Work safe— walking the talk, leaders executing workplace health and safety procedures to avoid workplace incidents. Everyone has the right to be safe at work. Regardless of what your role is, everyone can all contribute to developing safe and healthy workplaces.


  • Be safe— ensuring a safe workplace is a perpetual undertaking, by managing and monitoring work health and safety we can ensure the workplace continues to remain safe.


Being healthy and safe means being free from physical and psychological harm. No workplace should be unsafe and no death or injury is acceptable. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone.


In 2021, there continue to be extensive health and safety impacts on Australian employers and workers due to the COVID pandemic. The subsequent uncertainty of COVID in our workplaces has resulted in over-stretching our usual coping strategies. Most workplaces have evolved and adapted to new methods and processes in order to lessen the risks of COVID and to manage the physical and psychological effects of the pandemic on workers through interventions such as employee wellness programs.


Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility… together we can create safe workplaces for all!