This month, Australians band together to raise awareness of mental wellbeing. It’s our collective duty to care for our own mental health as well as looking out for those around us…this Mental Health Month, there’s an array of resources, activities and exercises to help us get started.

Developed in 1930 by the Mental Health Foundation Australia, this year’s theme is post-pandemic recovery challenges and resilience.  During these uncertain times, many have experienced anxiety, stress, loneliness and sadness at the unpredictability of the future, and tumultuous nature of the present. This month, there’s an array of mental health and wellbeing activities taking place across the nation, including:


It has been a tumultuous year, with many being separated from loved ones and feeling a financial burden. Each forum and event is targeted toward specific demographics, making it easy to find something that meets our needs.

One in five Australians have been affected by mental health. This month, let’s raise awareness between individuals, families, governments, schools and organisations. Make your mark, and contribute a mentally healthy community – you can learn more at Mental Health Foundation Australia’s website.